Class Times in Saigon/HCMC: Come Learn Wing Chun!

Come join us to learn Wing Chun in our group classes in
Ben Thanh, District 1 at Central Park, Vinhomes. Your first class is for free, if you like it, you can always come back and pay for each lesson you attend, no long term commitments needed.
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Monday & Friday's: 6:45pm to 7:45pm

Telephone: +84 915 313 344

Wing Chun Group Classes Vinhomes District 2

Wing Chun is a Clever and Cunning Art Form

Our martial art classes are relaxed and easy going, anyone can join and learn Kung Fu in Ho Chi Minh City. Wing Chun is a practical self defense art form designed so that smaller people can overcome stronger opponents using skill and soft energy rather than brute force. Learn to be clever when you fight or defend yourself using your whole body as one unit to out maneuveur your opponent.

Classes are held in Ben Thanh, District 1 and Era Town in District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City.

All Class Types and Training

wing chun group classes hcmc

Group Classes

The perfect way to get a taste of Wing Chun and your first class to free! You will be able to see other students practice various punches, kicks and footwork while joining in the fun yourself.

private wing chun classes in hcmc

Private One on One

Speed up your Wing Chun learning with private Wing Chun classes. Gain a quick understanding of the art and develop your skills rapidly becoming a stealthy and tricky fighter.

corporate wing chun classes hcmc

Corporate Classes

If your looking to enhance the well being, self confidence and discipline of your staff then book Wing Chun corporate classes. Wing Chun will help focus the minds of your staff while they will gain inner strength, self worth and peace while practicing this direct martial art.

why wing chun

Why Learn Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is easy to learn but hard to master. It's a practical martial art allowing you to use your whole body as one unit to overcome a stronger opponent, making it a fun and clever art form to practice.

wing chun philosophy

Underpinning Philosophy

Wing Chun follows several Chinese philosophies that focus on being soft to neutralise more powerful forces. Being like a blade of grass, you will give enough ground to welcome and exploit your opponents attacks.

wing chun books

Wing Chun Books

If your looking to gain an underlying appreciation to how Wing Chun works on a practical and scientific level, we recommend several books by different Sifu's from the UK.

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