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Take Your Wing Chun Kungfu Skills and Training to New Heights!

Wing Chun private classes are designed for students of all levels who want to speed up their learning progression and become a skilled Wing Chun practioner, even as far as to then teach others.

Whether your a total beginner who would prefer to be taught privately or an intermediate student who wants to refine their skills and understanding of this deeply philosophical art form, we can help you achieve your goals on your journey to mastering this powerful martial art.

Why Private Lessons?

  • Discover the true secrets of Wing Chun's explosive soft power
  • Advance your Chi Sau and learn how it can be applied to real life fighting
  • Gain confidence fast in applying Wing Chun practically
  • Learn the tricky footwork in months which takes group students years to understand
  • Begin your Wooden Dummy journey, learn to "cling to" and track your opponent!
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